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WeTra - Rhythm game (Original)


Mar.22Timing alignment functionThe timing of slightly different by the terminal , can now be fine-tuned !Ranking mode equippedYou will be able to compete in the player and ranking around the world !The author is also in the challenge . Let's compete If you find in the rankings !
· Music additional download functionA new stage has to automatically stage when it is delivered increases .It eliminates the need to up every time .
Rhythm game to play with original music for this app!From the mode you can play with one hand to a little difficult full-scale stage!
*cool to cool trance original songs12 songs original songs you do not hear only WeTra, available.In trans songs groovy, let Kokumo the rhythm well beat!
*handy you can play with one handRhythm game mode you can play with one hand to enjoy even in weak people has also been prepared. (Single tap mode)While listening to music, to be fun just to tap the screen to the rhythm!
*About WEAKENDWEAKEND is amateur app production circle, which continued to operate for more than 10 years by a fan of Kampa.The WeTra I was packed with a history of sound of WEAKEND followed from Garake era.
Some people do not even know people who know the WEAKEND, I'm glad one song, if you could listen.
----To this content, and of the (stock) CRI · middleware"CRI ADX2 (TM) LE" has been used.